Profamilia Educates (Profamilia Educa)  

 What is it: Profamilia Educates (Profamilia Educa) offers virtual training courses with a focus on gender and rights in themes of sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and family planning, geared towards adolescents and young people, parents, educators, health professionals, public and private companies and social organizations interested in training their beneficiary employees.  

Characteristics: The courses take place in a LMS Platform which permits agility, practicality, interactivity, accompaniment and specialized tutorials, evaluations, immediate certification for each participant, permanent access, learning through games and personalized environments, the possibility of exchanges with people in different locations and extensive coverage at a small cost.

Educational themes:

In Profamilia Educa you will find, among others, the following courses: Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Pregnancy: A Decision, A Right, Are You Taking Risks: STI/ HIV/ AIDS, Life Projects and Decision Making, Sexual Diversity, Gender and Violence, Affection, Communication and Sexuality in Couples, Sexual Violence, How My Body Works and How Does the Body of the Opposite Sex Work?, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation in Girls, Boys and Adolescents

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Línea gratuita: 018000 110 900

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